Sunday, December 4, 2011

Grated parsnips

Flecks of cream-colored parsnip settle on the turquoise cutting board, the table, and even the floor, where bits of carrot mingle with stray pine needles from a freshly-made and aromatic pine wreath and a plastic straw reminiscent of mushy miniature marshmallows floating in hot cocoa cups, an earlier entisement for two toddlers hesitant to come indoors.  Parsnip and carrot latke paddies cool on a plate while the boys growl amidst their wild play in the other room.  Dinner always calms them, for a little while.

When I'm hungry, I tend to brute-about, too.  I like to make unique and savory dishes to sway my appetite.  But, honestly, I don't always have the energy or the creativity to put into a wholesome, yet delectable, meal.  Do you feel like that, friend?

I do know, though, that when I opt for a salad as flavorful as it is colorful or knead and bake whole grain bread; when I shake water drops from plump grapes or meaty sugar snap peas; when I use recipes for my pies or pizzas instead of buying Mrs. Smith's or DiGiorno's frozen counterparts, I feel better.  My body benefits.  My tastebuds blossom.  My mind is at ease knowing what ingredients I am putting into the meals I consume.

So, friend, I sharpen my knives, research new and healthful recipes, and keep my dish drain at hand.  Cooking culinary creations is one of the most important life-skills.  So, friend, let's challenge ourselves to bring our minds as much peace as our stomachs: pass on the store-bought candybar and grab a dish of Greek spanakopita.

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