Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn Unveiled

The color splash of autumn is inspiring. A mix of fresh blue from sky, soft white of cloud, rust-red-auburn-vibrant-orange of leaves is like a master-made painting, where each brushed stroke adds a bit of soul; or a richly-woven tapestry, whose colors and cloth-materials work in harmony together; or a musical composition in which the notes tickle your ears long after the piece is played; or a person devoted to God in such a way that produces selfless acts, both tangibly love-based and life-altering.

Imagine the brightness of a stained glass window - one with colors so mellifluous that they seep into the very soul of the viewer. Truly rapturous moments do not happen every day. And when they do, they are written on the heart. Remembering such moments, especially when the evils of the world have brutalized one's senses, is like flashing a flood of unveiled heaven before the eyes. When trees unveil their colorations without chlorophyl, the enchanting beauty that results connotes that same spiritual spark that spirals us onto a journey to know God. When lichen and moss kiss silver bark on a fallen tree, it seems to signify the life-filled possibility in ourselves even when we feel broken. When we are juxtaposed with moments that exude God's presence, we yearn for more as soon as they are gone.

Today, friend, I pray for your eureka moments. I pray for your soul to be cleansed by the light-giving burn of a candle during prayer or the mesmerizing marrow of hallowed words or the immense peace of spending time in nature or with a forever-friend, all the while engaged in the moment.

Today, friend. Today.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sharing apple slices

"I'm not an expert or anything.  But I think I did a good job," Joey said.  Since I was in another room at the time, his proclamation sparked both alarm and curiosity into my head.  I quietly went into the kitchen and saw two little boys with their shaggy-haired heads close together.

A butter knife in one hand and a juicy apple in the other, Joey was slicing the apple for Ezra to eat.  Not only did he have a cutting board covering the work surface, but he even fished the miniature shape-cutters from the gadget-drawer to use in popping stars, hearts, and ovals from the cream-colored meat of the fruit.

Have you ever counted yourself unqualified or unable to do something?  Have you ever felt you were unworthy for a particular hobby, station, or other life experience?  Often, I downgrade my own worth because I don't think I'm making a difference in a tangible way - do you ever feel that way, friend?

Perhaps you'll never win a Noble prize or travel halfway around the world; maybe, your life is filled with the routine of caring for children or fulfilling responsibilities at work.  But, this doesn't mean that your life has little worth to those around you.

You would be surprised how the choices you make each day can impact others when you least expect it.  Smile, savor the view your life holds, and know that you are not alone.  We - each of us - can be a benefit and joy to one another.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Cocoa-induced warmth

Steam whistles from the kettle.  Picking it up, I pour a slender stream of water over the cocoa granules nestled within waiting mugs.  Silken milk cools the drink enough for a toddler's tongue.  After stirring the hot chocolate, I settle the cups in front of my sons.

"Oh!  It's a good day to drink cocoa!  I'm going to drink my cocoa in front of the fire," Joey says with eyes filled as much as his face with smiling.

So, two little boys warm their toes by the kitchen's black-belly stove and sip warm chocolate until their day defrosts.  The gray clouds continue to drizzle, here, while reminding us that winter's chill is just beginning.  The tug-of-war between two seasons brings us an almost disorganized mingling; and yet, we somehow sort out the day.

Friend, do you feel disorganized like the weather?  Perhaps, a warm cup of cocoa by a radiant warmth will help your day feel more relaxed and set your perspective in a better state to do what you need to do.