Monday, March 26, 2012

Chasing chickens

Swift hens dodge the boys, whose gleeful gaits continue tirelessly for almost an hour.  It amazes me that chasing chickens can hold such fascination for my little boys.  A Rhode Island Red would stop to peck and scratch at the lushly-weeded garden only to take off like a roadrunner a moment later with a toddling 2-year-old in chase... an empty planting pot held high in his hands.

But those chickens are smart.  And after an hour of exercising those children, the hens were ready to return to the comfort of their coop.

Sometimes I feel like my boys - chasing after dreams that are always just out of reach.  Do you ever feel like that, friend?  Is there a dream you need a net to reach, and even then it seems impossible?

I want to believe that anything is possible, and yet I am realistic enough to know there are some dreams I will never realize.  On the other hand, my life is full of opportunities I never could have dreamed.  So, perhaps I need to focus on how answers to my dreams have been fulfilled in ways I did not expect.  I'll keep chasing chickens, sure, but also realize that sometimes (when those dreams are ripe for picking) they just might come to fruition on their own.

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