Monday, October 8, 2012

Cocoa-induced warmth

Steam whistles from the kettle.  Picking it up, I pour a slender stream of water over the cocoa granules nestled within waiting mugs.  Silken milk cools the drink enough for a toddler's tongue.  After stirring the hot chocolate, I settle the cups in front of my sons.

"Oh!  It's a good day to drink cocoa!  I'm going to drink my cocoa in front of the fire," Joey says with eyes filled as much as his face with smiling.

So, two little boys warm their toes by the kitchen's black-belly stove and sip warm chocolate until their day defrosts.  The gray clouds continue to drizzle, here, while reminding us that winter's chill is just beginning.  The tug-of-war between two seasons brings us an almost disorganized mingling; and yet, we somehow sort out the day.

Friend, do you feel disorganized like the weather?  Perhaps, a warm cup of cocoa by a radiant warmth will help your day feel more relaxed and set your perspective in a better state to do what you need to do.

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