Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring silhouettes

Silhouette of spring's new fronds.  senk 2013
Mountains, purpled from Winter's frosty touch, now slip root first into woolen frocks that exude Spring. Silvery limbs catch webs of new leaves, which dip and flutter as the breeze pulsates. Spring silhouettes everything - a transformation that runs as deep as soul.

I find myself longing to be drenched in light, too. Like candlelight dribbled for my own shadow portrait, Spring seems to soften features that are glaring in the mirror. But, I want the light to shine deeper, yet. I long to swallow it up so that even my Jonah persona has light by which to see.

Yes, when Spring really arrives, I long to slough off that part of me that's sea-beaten and drearied, apathetic and just tired. Does this resonate with you, friend? Are there times when the molting process seems like a great idea for starting afresh?

And yet, God does proffer that for us. A joy, seasoned but still soul-deep, really does exist - not one centered on lifestyle, but on relationship. When we open our hearts to the only one that is ever there for us, we're buoyed by something greater than ourselves. Something that the seasons seem to know intimately.

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