Friday, June 7, 2013

The soul's healing

Ezra observing tree rings. senk 2013
An English proverb states, "The soul is healed by being with children." Honesty and innocence are just two such child-nurtured qualities that promote healing in the soul. My heartiest moments derive from being around children: whether as a parent, a tutor, or a friend.

There is such beauty and wonder surrounding children. Of course, this does not mean that it's always easy to be around children. Parenting and teaching are difficult! The very act of raising children - whether it is your own or someone else's - molds you as much as it molds the child. But, even amidst the chaos, the exhaustion, the lessons in patience and kindness and selflessness, etc, are little gems that prove the impact children have on our souls.

This morning, Ezra put all his energy into a dramatic and full hug and kiss for me. He was so focused in showering me with his affection that his arms shook from effort. In showing such love, he bumped his knee. "Ow! My oval!" he said holding his offended patella. Later, his arm grazed the skillet as we were cooking some pancakes. He grabbed his arm tightly and said, "Ow! Please don't do that skillet!" Both times, he sought his mother's kiss on the sore spots for them to feel better.

But, do we seek out opportunities to allow the light-hearted healing of a child to enter our day? Do we focus on their misbehavior, their unkind words, their attitudes, the mayhem and mess they create? Or, do we deem more important when they cause our smiles to radiate inwards, impressing something glorious upon our souls? 

Friend, how do you view children? And, how do you view others? Are you often timid and untrusting, like I am? Do you fear the negative outcomes of relationship so much that it deters you from having those child-like qualities that can bring healing to your soul? Dare to look at your day in a more light-hearted way and encourage your radiating smile to flicker across the faces of those you meet, too.

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