Saturday, December 21, 2013

Shadowed heart

Shadowed heart.  senk 2013
Perception sometimes spurs inaccurate portrayals in our minds. They're persuaded by experience, nurture, and nature. The hardest pursuit is clarity in perception, especially when we grasp at an explanation that seems to shift under the weight of our words. But, when we turn to a vivid illustration, we often find illusions, instead.

Meandering through woods in nature, I'm always amazed by the dazzling sunlight that illuminates something I did not expect. Perhaps it's the shimmer of refracted light in a soft drizzle or the sharp twitter of a merry bird made more poignant by a day when rays like spotlights break through the wintry clouds or the play of shadow forming signs of love upon the waxy sheen of still-lingering leaves. Do you marvel at such splendor, friend? Or do you allow perception to negate the joy hallowing such moments?

Sometimes, we are so busy and so individually-focused that we forget the ways God connects our moments with those of others and with those of the world around us. Dare to let perception be influenced by a more positive approach - and may our smiles and words or actions of kindness far outweigh the doubts that formulate criticism in our lives.

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