Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Juicy Carrots

Yesterday, Ezra loved carrots.  Those delectable orange roots were stewed with seasoned meat and a colorful arrangement of purple cabbage, green peas, and translucent onions.  He ate every carrot on his plate, while leaving an abundance of peas in his wake.

But, peas were the toddler's veggie of choice today.  Not a single carrot made it into his mouth.  Whenever I offered the once beloved orange food, he emphatically shook his head.  If I pursued a bit longer, he declared, "No.  Mommy.  No."

Although his rejection seems silly, I know that my life's choices seem just as zany.  Indeed, I often wonder what I was thinking when I made a past decision.  Too often, I reject alternatives just because I favor what leads me on more comfortable paths.

Do you ever feel like this, friend?  Perhaps you should have veered one way instead of the other?  Maybe turning around or asking for directions would have been a wiser decision?

It's not too late to make a change.  Humankind has an amazing propensity to adapt, as well as its strong urge for independence.  Instead of letting our choices push us into meaningless habits, let's reevaluate our life goals.  If the cause is honorable and the heart is pure, then fear not where God might lead.  In the most vulnerable times, God can work the greatest results. 

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