Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sharing Smiles

A constant flow of questions oozes from my three-year-old's mouth.  In fact, Joey's inquisitive nature amuses, but also exhausts, anyone visiting: grandparents, friends, repair or delivery persons.  Most likely they all leave feeling so overwhelmed by the vast array of topics one little guy can cover, that the silence outside our home is heartening.

My life feels the same way.  I am so burdened by an influx of uncertainties surrounding daily life, spiritual matters, personal pursuits, and just the general "whys" of this world, that I feel overstimulated - like I stuck my finger in an electric socket.  Rarely do I have a quiet moment to just soak in the act of being.  But, I want to - I want to enjoy life and share the hope that I know with other sojourners.

What about you, friend?  Does your mind stumble over worries and what ifs?  Do doubts hang about like laundry on a line?

Maybe we should leave the worries on the line and share a smile or two instead.  Then, our acts are guaranteed to lighten at least two hearts: ours and that of the smile-receiver.  Somehow, I think my little Joey already knows this!

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