Friday, February 3, 2012

Mailed with love

"Mommy, I want to mail this."  Joey held out a postcard, which was part of the day's discarded junk mail.  Joey and Eza love to sift through the stack and color or cut the papers.

Joey had decked out his postcard with a cheerful duck sticker where the postage stamp should have gone, colorful scribbles and wheeling lines to one side, and two letters with wobbles scribed beside the addressee's information: T O

"Um, Joey, what are these?" I said, pointing to the letters.

"A T and an O, Mommy.  This letter is ready to mail.  Can I put it up to mail?"  Before receiving an answer, Joey nimbly climbed onto the woodbox lid and slipped the letter he addressed into the letter holder by the door (our official "this-goes-to-the-mailbox" locale inside the house).

It is amazing what children learn from their parents!  Often the times I try the least to teach my sons are the times they learn the most.  It makes me more mindful of the example I am setting.  As my children grow, what words and images will they associate with me?  How will my actions affect the lives they lead?

Do you ever have that feeling, friend?  Are you surprised by the image your dearest have of you?  I do not mean everyone, of course - there are some people you will never please - but, what about the people whose opinions do matter to you?  Are they learning something about the beauty of life from your example?  Or do most of the perceptions you exude negate the world around you?

I am opting for more cheerful scribblings mailed with love.  What about you?

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