Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Startling realities

There is a two-dog chorus outside my window this morning.  Actually, there is a two mutt serenade outside my window most mornings at five-thirty.  Their long howls and quick yaps flurry into darkness and startle even the stars.

What life experiences have startled you into reality, friend?  Perhaps they are beautiful moments, like standing on a precipice that overlooks cascades of mountains or roaring waves slapping against a rocky shore.  Or, perhaps, the reflection of a great monument like the Parthenon wavered in a puddle on a rainy day and reminded you of the thin gossamer of time that seemed to fill the air thick with history.  Or...

After one short month of living in Athens, Greece, I recall the first time black-tinged-snot filled my tissues.  It was quite startling.  Upon coming home to the rolling mountains of the Shenandoah Valley before venturing back to Wayne County in Ohio, the water washing my clothing was so black that I thought I would never get those cuts of cloth clean.

Another startling reality is gas.  Pumping gas in my car is one of the guiltiest feelings I have.  For now it's a necessity, I know, but I sorely miss the walking lifestyle I had in Wooster, Athens, and when I visit my friend Jenny in New York City.  And, I'm thankful for brilliant minds working hard - and dare I say in spite of the lack of our government's more discerning hand - to make a difference by slashing the amount of emissions our often one-passenger vehicles are creating.

So as our family saves to buy a more environmentally-friendly car, perhaps I should learn to ride a cow.  My mother did once, but most people think of raging rodeos instead of peacefully-plodding herbivores.  I'm convinced farmers are far more environmentally-friendly than most people claim to be themselves.  So, what do you think, friend?  Do you believe cars are ready to make way for cows?

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