Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snow barriers

Swaths of snow slip off the metal roof and slunk onto the ground, where heaps already surround the house as if to create a fort. The barrier even covers the sidewalk, which directs one's passage from the front steps to the front gate, which opens toward the mailbox - that connection to the outside world via snail mail. Traversing across fallen snow, I am reminded of life's barriers, too. The paths we follow through life do not have gazetteers as guides. Often, we think on our feet - meandering in a way as doors open and opportunities pop up. Even when we plan our future, it never comes about as we anticipate. There are always disappointments and delights.

How do you sift through the range of emotion when you consider the future, friend? Are you uncertain and frightened? Do you find adventure and excitement await you? Perhaps you're indifferent and drifting along? Take a moment to consider doing something that is uncharacteristic for you, but that can proffer a richness to life you might never have realized. If you are usually a home-body, visit a nursing home and bring a joyful conversation to someone's day. If you are usually overly-busy and independent, take a brisk walk through a natural setting and offer a prayer that God could show you something to inspire your spiritual life. If you are usually sedate or critical or pessimistic, volunteer at a food pantry or soup kitchen and really pay attention to the people that walk in through the doors - their joy, even amidst the most strident situations may harbor the same hope in you.

Pass over the barriers that usually hold you back and consider the hope waiting when you do.

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