Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Check Your Steering

Tendrils of hair stick against Ezra's head, which moments before was pressed against the car seat's patterned pad while he dozed. Now, alert eyes peer all around the store as my sons and I shop for milk, freezer containers, salad, foil wrap, bananas, cereal, semi-sweet chocolate morsels, and heavy whipping cream. With one hand, I hold a basket containing our goods; with the other, I cling to the tail of Joseph's bear backpack (to keep him from running off) and push the stroller in which my baby rides in luxury.

But instead of running off, Joseph is content to help steer the stroller left past pop-tarts and cheerios, right past jello pudding and whole wheat flour, and straight ahead to the produce department. I announce the direction moments before we turn and Joseph is quick to adjust. At first, I fear roving into him or running over his foot. I try to force the turn, which only makes for bumps and wobbles. Then, I let go of my control and allow my toddler to help guide the way through the store. The difference is immediately perceivable and the ride smoother for Ezra.

My life is the same. I try to be in control of everything and make the pieces go into place even when I know they will not fit. When I relinquish my way and allow God to take over, my heart is happier, my shoulders less weighted, and my thoughts unknotted. It's so hard to let someone else help, but when we check our steering and trust others, life is a whole lot easier.

In what way is your life easier because you have trusted others?

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