Friday, September 24, 2010

A Dry Wind

Brown grass crunches underfoot; a dry wind tumbles crinkling leaves across the yard; tired tree limbs groan from the lack of moisture.  Days like this give me a glimpse of life as an ooey gooey chocolate brownie with semi-sweet morsels hidden inside.  And such a day it is - inside a baker's oven.

No, I'm not baking today.  But even on days I do not bake for my family, I dream of delectable desserts to create and savor.  My husband would say that a person craves sweets during moments of distress, perhaps he's right.  My days are often sprinkled with a little stress here, a little strain there - perhaps as one plate slides under another and creates rippling mountains on the earth's crust, so too do my ideas often collide with my toddler's ideas and those of my baby.  With three very different needs to fill, a mommy can feel slightly chewed by the end of the day (and for me that is literal).

So, I look out my windows and watch the wind whistle across the parched ground.  And, sigh.  Then I remind myself that the cool rains will come.  I will one day see how the sacrifices I make to focus more on the needs of my children than on my own often selfish wants, really do make a difference.  I can use some of my talents now, sharpen new ones, and hold on to the others until they are needed.  Too often, I want the rain now; but a sweet drenching is a gift given during the time it is most needed.

And you, friend?  When have you felt sunburned by the world?  What balm would soothe your current disposition?

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  1. I miss your words, there is such a smoothing rhythm to them. I am glad that you are sharing them here.
    It's late afternoon and the sun beats down through my office window and I long for a valley fall. The city wears on me these days. Rain would be welcomed here as well.
    I hope all is well with yours. We are well here. Hopefully we will visit soon seems though when Daniel and I talk about it he gets offered overtime and right now we can't say no to that.


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