Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fabulous Sleep

In anticipation of a fabulous sleep, I am about to take a shower much-needed after a day of spit-up, green-tinted Ezra poo, and perspiration from walking around the town of Edinburg.  Our spring mattress has been sagging, my back has been aching, and my body has been groaning for the last month or so.  Life's adventures change one's frame, I've found, my friend.  And so, a new mattress my husband acquired today - driving onto the gravel with his red truck and boxes strapped to the back.  At the sound of his return, I peered out the window with longing eyes.  It was not yet noon and I had a whole day until that delightful moment when I might go to sleep on the non-spring contents within those boxes.

Now, though, it is time.  How I love anticipation!  I remember it when we would go on vacation: suitcases or day-bags packed, clothes laid out the night before, snacks prepared and placed just so; or, when Christmas would settle: an Eve service by candlelight at church performed, food and memories shared at a family party, giddy girls tucked in bed with sighs for morning's sun; or, even now when tendered coupons cut the price of a shopping trip in half or more, when a prayer is answered beyond my imagining, when I receive longed-for news from a well-loved friend.  Those bubbly billows of anticipation set my mind sailing onto a journey filled with hope and guided by faith.  It's such a joy to experience!

And so, friend, what sends bountiful butterflies into your belly?  What happenstance has given you hope?  Dare to inspire others with the beauty in your life.

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  1. The promise of a family trip...with the freedom to explore together on the way to our destination. I also treasure times of peace when people are able to talk to one another rather than always being engaged in busy-ness. Chasing Joey through the yard can be exciting also!


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