Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lattice Work

Although autumn whispers all around - crisp brown leaves shimmering on gray branches, curled corn husks sleeping in the fields, clear purple mountain crests sighing in cool nights - the wisteria vine still smacks a verdant smile at anyone daring to stop and admire.  Her long shoots spray in a frenzied reach for higher ground.  Perhaps attempting to stretch to the sun, itself, the vine catches in an afternoon breeze.  Happy waves continue constantly, sometimes lessening but never ceasing.

It's impossible to be happy all the time.  If we wore eternal smiles, we wouldn't have realistic perspectives of the world around us - no matter what Barbie and Ken say.  Just press the television remote's power button or venture to your stoop, flower bed, or paper box for that trusty morning news and you will find several stories to wipe away any traces of a smile.  Most of us don't need the television, internet, or print sources to know that life is full of an assortment box of ill manners or bad events in place of delicious chocolate sweets.

But, we shouldn't dwell on those bitter surprises.  I would rather savor and celebrate happy like the father his prodigal son, whenever he decides to show up.  So, when happy is here, I tickle and dance with my sons, decorate yummy sundaes, and enjoy every second I have with those most dear and strive to leave the unkind events to mope in the corner.

What about you, friend?  How often do you let that joy shine and leave any worries, dreads, or illnesses fend for themselves?  Would you rather dwell on what kills or heals?  Wind your feelings of joy about a lattice work and wave your happy hellos today.

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  1. Did you make sundaes without me?!

    I would much rather dwell on the positive. Though sometimes I'm not good at that...and am even guilty of making it hard for others to do so either.

    I love you are one of those thoughts that make me happy day in and day out. Praise God for you!


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