Monday, November 15, 2010

Wild Turkeys

Billows of gray dust rose in our wake as we took our hyundai on a narrow gravel-covered trek through George Washington National Forest.  On one side, layers of rock cascaded to the road; on the other, a steep cliff toppled over tall bare trees, large boulders, a brown carpet of crinkled leaves, and a gaggle of wild turkey.  Wattles shone bright red, backlit by the setting sun, and rhododendrons' waxy green leaves scintillated as we caravanned across high peaks and around tight twists.

Blue mountains, growing ever softer in hue, stretched to the horizon and seemed to continue even beyond.  Had I not once seen the endless expanse of the prairies, I would have expected rising ridges to go on forever.  And while our eyes drank in the beauty, our boys snored in the back seat.

So many times, my blinder-eyes focus so much on tasks, duties, or worries, that I forget the beauty and joy at arm's length in all directions.  I take the people I see daily or the chores or accomplishments I tick off a list for granted.  I seem to be sleeping in the back seat while life's bittersweet surprises slip by.

When was the last time, friend, that you stopped, looked around, and really saw what joys God sprinkled into your life?  I dare you to do so - and let the wonder seep deep and transform your vision today.

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  1. That road, whatever its name, is a truly beautiful one. I also wonder what life must have been like when all roads were pavementless as that one was. It must have been much slower in pace. It must have felt like time was long and didn't just flit by in an instant. I relished that trip for that reason. Those kinds of moments are rare anymore.

    The rain today seems annoying as well, even though we need it. But, it should make for a better stream gauging field trip with students tomorrow, the earth and plants are getting desperately needed moisture, and while the dreary weather can be a drag on the emotions, it can also be sweet as one listens to the rain or is able to curl up near a woodstove fire and just savor the moment.

    Sweety, I hope that you can find a few moments today to do just that! I love you!


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