Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cheerio-covered Floor

Cheerios drop, bounce, and rest across the floor under the kitchen table.  Joseph, humming a made-up tune and plopping his hands on his knees as if they were drums, crunches more cheerios - those that made it the harrowing distance from his bowl to his mouth without falling from the spoon - while Ezra sweeps the floor with his walker and squeals in delight.  It looks as if both boys were playing marbles under the table - and neither fared very well.  Alas, it is almost vacuum time.

Modern gadgets make cleaning up so much easier.  My heaps of laundry would have taken days to clean with an old ringer or washing board.  I can understand why my grandparents did not have as many clothes as we do today, and why they wore them longer before washing them.  I cannot fathom cooking a Thanksgiving meal on an old wood stove, but my grandmother did it most of her life.  Cars, planes, and trains allow families that live states or countries away to come together within a day or two journey.  Even Skype allows them to see one another if they cannot be together!

When we stop to allow ourselves to be amazed by such technology, we also have to remember that every day we take it for granted.  We don't care about the genius of electricity switching on a lightbulb, as long as the lights come on when we click a switch.  If they don't, we do care - and we let our local electrical provider know about it, too!

Friend, do you complain too much when our technological advances fail?  I know I do.  The next time technology lets you down, instead of calling to chew someone's ear off, perhaps take the opportunity to go for a walk, visit with a friend (in person), and savor the moment while holding thanksgiving in your heart that you even have such an option.

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  1. Technology and schedules...two modern contrivances that are truly the bane of American life. If only we did stop more often to talk to others or just enjoy the weather. It's interesting how houses are rarely built these days with front porches...who needs them?

    We have much to recapture that was good about the past, but most of all, we must recapture our souls, as they are being held hostage by technology and schedules.

    There is yet hope!


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