Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dancing Bunny

Hops, a bunny I received while in college, is dancing along the top edge of the wooden playpen.  "O come let us adore him..." resounds over the little laptop speakers while I type.  Joey - if you had not previously guessed - is bouncing the bunny up and down in time to the music.  Then, Joey plops Hops on the desktop and grabs a sticker and paper, leaving me wondering in his wake.

It's amazing how many different things Joseph can do in a day.  He is so observant and tries to imitate things he sees Russell and I do.  For example, I tape Christmas cards to the wood flanking the entrances into the kitchen of our house.  Each one has a slight slant so that the cover picture hangs downward and yet still allows a quick flip to see the lovingly-placed words of the sender.  Joey took the paper and stuck it below the bottom-most card with a smiley-faced sticker beaming the words "great job."

But as his tiny fingers fly, I sometimes become impatient with their incessant grasping at adult-only items (like delicate snow globes or jars of spices).  In times as these, I need to remember that gleaming sticker's sign of encouragement and speak in the gentle words that ring loudly this time of year.  We can all use reminders of God's glory, especially during the constant influx of daily life that sometimes causes us to loose sight of the blessings gracing our days on earth.

And you, friend, what tests your patience?  Do you feel like Hops - bounding this way and that only to be left behind by your emotions?

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