Friday, December 17, 2010

Sifted Snow

Sifted all about, snow glistens in the morning sunshine.  Joey's eyes shimmer just as brightly with the anticipation of playing in the crystalline quilt that covers everything in view.  And, for a moment, I catch that joy, which lumps deep inside, and I recall the snow-sledding adventures I had as a girl.

With a stretch and a sigh, I plug in the little white lights to twinkle on the Christmas tree.  Again, Joey's eyes catch that light and a smile spreads across his face.  He touches a silver bell and chortles in glee-filled tones as it rings.  He turns a drum and runs a finger across the train, saying "choo choo."  And, for a moment, I catch that hope, which jingles and shines with the ornaments on the tree, and I recall the anticipation of the Advent season I had as a girl.

One... two... three drops swirl into a vanilla glaze that turns buttery yellow.  The wooden handle of the frosting knife is smooth in my hand as I smear dollops of the glaze on star-patterned sugar cookies.  Joey runs up to my side and delight fills his voice, "Cookies!"  A little hand slips up and snatches one of the simple sweets.  And, for a moment, I catch that peace, which accompanies the time placed into the preparations of giving and enjoying the holiday season, and I recall the serenity I had as a girl.

Instead of the gifts of the season, I too often feel the stresses and worries that float as glaciers in my life.  I try to avoid them, but instead those colossial sneaks creep upon me.  Do you know what I'm talking about, friend?  For me, they are finances or self-doubt or unkind words and acts by people I thought cared, etc. 

And you, friend, does a smorgasbord of unfavorable delicatessens fill your table?  Perhaps we need to lift the ends of the table cloth, gather up those worry-ridden treats, and toss them out the door!  Let's fill our day with acts and words that express the trueness of the season: joy and hope and peace and love.

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