Monday, January 3, 2011

Strutting Peacock

A local farmer owns some peacocks.  On occasion, one of these proud birds crosses the road without concern of approaching cars.  So, rounding the turn to the peacocks' farm, wary eyes will avert disaster.  The peacock's sleek tail trails behind him as it lurks forward in graceful strides.  Sun-sprays flash color from its feathers.  Even with a monstrous metal vehicle careening toward it, it's calm and steady.

Watching the peacock finish its slow stride in front of our car, I long for grace under pressure, too.  Tongue-tied and eyes downcast, I feel insecurity creeping up my face like a warm blush.  Perhaps I've said something I long to take back or I've been left out or I'm unable to smooth out my emotional crinkles so as to speak in coherent sentences instead of blundering sobs.  Regardless of the circumstances, I want to hide away in my Savior's hug and flee from the challenges that confront me.

Do you have moments like that, friend?  Let us take comfort together, knowing that if we take God's hand we will hold onto a grace, working through our weaknesses, that brings Him glory.

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