Saturday, January 14, 2012

Merry memories

Blue and white splotches spread across the smooth, enamel bucket, filled with crayons of every color.  Joey carefully selects one wax stick at a time and smears strokes of green, orange, indigo, yellow, torquoise, and red across plain newsprint.  Folding the paper just so and snipping here, then there, I unfold a long paper chain of angels and trace the outline in bold black marker.

The chain still hangs along the ceiling and whispers merry memories about the room: times spent savoring the true gifts of Christmas - love, joy, peace, and hope - with someone you love, whether its baking and building gingerbread houses, dipping pretzel rods in melted chocolate and crushed candy canes, winding fragrant evergreen branches into wreaths for welcome-doors, decorating gingerbread men with white icing and rainbow nonpareils and gumdrops, wrapping presents for children in need of a reminder that someone loves them, ...

Can you add to that list, friend?  Does the season's beauty still linger in your soul, if not in your home?  May today bring you an opportunity to share that beauty with someone in need of a smile.

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