Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Squishy pea

Finger shoved far up his nose, Ezra said, "pea."

"Um.  Ezra, did you stick a pea up your nose?"  My interrogative was insufficient for a response I did not want to hear.  And, the smile spreading between my twenty-month-old's cheerful cheeks brought me dismay.

A cooked pea connotes squishiness.  Consider the softness of pea soup, for example.  But, I have learned that a cooked pea shoved relentlessly up a nose by a toddler intent on discovery does not imply friability.  Instead, that pea was like a hard pebble lodged perfectly just out of reach to everyone but a trained specialist, who swaddled my son and hooked it out whole.

Stubborn pea!  But, then I'm reminded of stubborn me.  How often do I intentionally exert my own preferences over the benefit or desires of others?  Do you empathize, friend?  Do you, too, want to peel away that sticky layer of pertinacity?

Admission is a good first step.  Perhaps these need to be baby steps to learn that we shouldn't stick our own assumptions into everyone else's estimations.  I guess my toddler and I have a lot in common, but that doesn't mean I plan on sticking a pea up my nose anytime soon.


  1. If you stick a pea up your nose, I will be very upset with you!

    We all have things that we do to ourselves that then cost us a great deal to move beyond. I think that Ezra learned something from the experience :), at least I hope he did! We just have to learn from ours as well. I think that sometimes Ezra's lesson is the easier one! We're so much more stubborn!

  2. Another reason for me not to like peas!! Hmmm . . . or should I give peas a chance? ;) We all might be better off if we give peas a chance.


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