Monday, July 2, 2012

Kindled hope

Boughs bow, leaves flit, and sunlight simmers every tree it touches until it glows, gilded.  Light's receding touch yet lingers on the backporch, where shadows begin to overtake dappled day.  A thin thread of web shimmers as the breeze casts it into pooled sun; otherwise, board edges bear a bold blackness and even a bumbling borer bee seems swallowed by night.  Twilight looms, ready to weave a tapestry of stars, moonlight, and the pervasiveness of clinging darkness that coats us all on the inside.

Eyes closed, I sit in a movie theater when the main feature is about to begin.  The first note, word, or image nears every moment and I anticipate the adventurous journey unfolding.  Oh, if I could live like that!  And you, friend?  Do you seek to live each moment as if it were the beginning of something grand?

We can learn a lot from the sun, whose early rosy tendrils alter not, though the variables of the day do.  It still shines brightly, even when the clouds quilt the sky and keep it from our view.  And when we sleep - the dark tucking us in - the hope of the coming light remains.

Let such hope kindle in you, friend.

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