Friday, July 20, 2012

Lush lavender

Lush lavender, with spires of purple blossoms here and there, are the only sweet smelling plants in my garden that Japanese beetles do not munch.  Those iridescent, blue-to-green bugs pile onto the yellow Midas touch roses in a huge orgy; they mate on myrtle, overeat okra leaves, scarf down swaths of strawberry greens, and nibble cherry leaves into tin-punched art.  So, a quart of soapy water in one hand and a green garden glove on the other, I pluck bugs and dunk them in their bath.

I need to plant more lavender, I suppose.  Their resilience to bugs is inspiring.  The dusky green fronds remind me of the blue Aegean, whose islands each hold beauties to discover.  In the case of lavender, one swipe with the hand or brush of the leg summons a subtle scent sure to soothe.

My life needs more soothing and less stress.  Do you understand, friend?  Do you yearn for planting life events that inspire your soul, rather than surmount your day-to-day with energy-sucking endeavors?

What makes your day more joyful and less stressful, friend?  Perhaps a person to make your smile complete, like my Rustle?  Perhaps a story or poem?  Perhaps a movie or game?  Do you enjoy hiking to a rugged mountain peak or watching the sun's rosy rise sparkle on surf?

Let's make it a point to add something soothing to every day's adventures.

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