Sunday, July 8, 2012

The mimosa's redolence

It is the last summer to enjoy the mimosa.  The tree hangs its limbs to the windows, which gather sweet perfume from morning to morning again.  Even in sweltering heat, the heady aroma seeps through the screens, intoxicating the inhabitants.  A window fan swirls the smell until the whole room seems thrust into that tree, like a clubhouse for which Joey is constantly advocating.

Our septic failed.  The travails of an old house, I suppose.  And, the health department has demanded sap to pay: trees near the distribution box, a perennial bed atop the distribution lines, a pear tree twenty feet away, a peach tree too close, my beloved magnolia, and - yes - the mimosa with her sweet-smelling puff-balls in full bloom.  What a shame such genocide is not as alarming as those occurring in other parts of the globe and across generations!

Do you have fond memories of a tree, friend?  One you climbed as a child or not so long ago?  One that shaded your searing days or moods?  A tree that delights your mind's eye to think about it?  Nature is quite agreeable at times and reminds us of the beauty we have beheld and will behold, yet.

So, for one last summer, I'll savor the joys of this limb-sprawling tree.  Joey will learn to climb.  Ezra will dance in a sprinkler under the shade of her archaic, compound leaves.  Russell will help me locate the best place to plant a future tree, for her starts are prolific!  And, I will admire the hummingbirds that flit between her blooms, while the mimosa's redolence bathes me.

May today give you a chance to enjoy a bit of beauty, too.

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