Saturday, October 9, 2010

Clangorous Tempest

Interlocking green, yellow, blue, and red building blocks litter the living room's carpet.  Tiny dinosaurs form a horde, plotting a return from their mass extinction, upon one of the sofa's cushions.  Soft rattles, plastic links, and bath books still smart their wounds from the toothless jaws of a six-month-old on the run.  Other rooms in the house exhibit the same chaotic clutter with high table-tops and shelves filled with these-and-those which fled from lower realms where toddler hands now easily roam.

Sometimes Joseph and I straighten up as the day marches by, perhaps before he pushes slick washable paints across white paper with excited fingers or bristled brushes, prior to play-doh creations that ooze through exuders, when my toddler asks for yard adventures that include pushing a small bike here-and-there or scraping about dirt in the garden.  Other times, I tidy up when the little ones fall asleep so that when they wake up their eyes fill with the wonder of making yet another notable mess.  And more often than I should admit, my eyes are so bleary and my bones so weary that I go to bed before pushing piles of cars and crayons into their holding bins. 

But most frequently, Russell and I share the labor of love, working together with nimble hands and swift feet to sprinkle a little order here, some cleanliness there.  I am so thankful for my husband, whose ready heart and gentle look inspire me to keep going when I'm often overwhelmed.  It's important to remind myself of the gift God has given me, because otherwise I take my beloved for granted.

And so, dear friend, what help-mate or sibling or parent or friend is your life blessed to have?  What characterstic do they possess that calms the clangorous tempest within you?

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