Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Prismatic Possibilities

Colorful pot holders line the kitchen table and cushion shiny lidded pans that seem to stand at attention.  "I'm makin' lunch," declares Joseph with a can opener in one hand and a toy car in the other.

Ezra squeals in delight.  A constant "he-he-he" accompanies his broad smile while he cruises in the walker back and forth across the floor of two rooms.

Mesmerized by the can opener, Joseph slides the handles back and forth and contemplates the movement and clinks each makes.  Ezra brandishes a teething ring and stops every once in a while to chew with his two-toothed gums.

I can almost feel the mental concentration growing as thick in the room as the early evening's shadows fall from the wooded hill beside our home.  It is so amazing to watch my boys discovering the world around them.  Just to see their happy smiles, I place fascinating trinkets in the right place to catch their notice and then sit back and watch them explore their new discovery.

So many times I need to shift my own perceptions to get a different view of the thoughts that filter through my mind and the circumstances that march into my day.  Turning my attention to the prismatic possibilities that those thoughts or circumstances bring into view, I can encourage my mind to select the hue most conducive to spreading that smile across my face and the faces of others.

Friend, do you need to bend that rainbow's down-trod ends?  Perhaps bundle up, spread a blanket on the ground, and lie down to savor the scintillating stars tonight.  Or examine the intricate design of a happened-upon rock.  Whatever you decide to do, dare to dazzle your same-old-same-old view and let the moment smoothe your heart's rough spot.

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