Friday, October 8, 2010

Elated Etchings

As a simple silhouette, glistening sunshine rings my son's happy face as he peers at the piles of papers on the edge of my writing desk.  That snapshot catches in my mind like an etching on wood.  I would like to think that I will never forget it.

Every day is filled to the brim with roller coaster emotions.  Hurt, frustration, fear, anger, all are mingled with the pleasanter moods of joy, elation, and peace.  At the end of the day, I often dwell too much on the negative lapses on which my feet have stuck, like stepping on a fresh cow paddy that gooshes up the sides of your shoe.  It isn't much fun to scrape the smelly strands and clods clinging tightly to a tennis shoe.  Instead, I would rather dance through flower-scented fields (sine bobus) and feel the warm sun upon my back.

I cannot ignore those times less desirable during my day.  Through prayer or solitude or writing or drawing or talking with a true friend or a plenitude of soul-refreshing activities, I can cleanse the scum that surfaces.  (Of course, with two children under three to care for, finding time for such activities is quite difficult and requires a great deal of creativity.)  My goal is to focus on the light-hearted moments that bubble up throughout the day and savor them as readily as a prism sprays its lovely light when the sun peeks from behind the gray clouds.

What refreshes your spirit when days are draining, friend?  How do you soak your attitude with jocundity?

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  1. If you let those cow pies dry, they make pretty good frisbees!


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