Monday, October 11, 2010

Sudden Squall

White cotton curtains with simple lace trim part to let sun rays lick the countertop, stove, and floor.  Leaves, brown and yellow, hang limp on the gray mimosa branch beyond the window.  Some daisies, with their wilted petals and soggy faces that whisper of the passed summer months, stand in a vase drenched by shadow below the dark cherry-wood cabinets.  The washer hums.  A lullaby chiming from the belly of a giraffe fills the still air.

Then, Joseph dashes into the room.  Papers rustle and come again to rest in his wake; tall block towers tumble upon his footfalls; baby's lids pop open startled by such a sudden commotion.  Life is funny like that.  One moment, the air is calm and quiet; the next, a squall surprises and shakes up day-to-day happenings.

Maybe your day is like that?  An unexpected illness or tragedy?  A deadline encroaching or pending news?  Perhaps financial stress or marital strain?  Is life yielding rocks instead of harvest?  Does dry dust tumble about, settling upon every corner of your mind?  Remember you are never alone!  God sprinkles our lives with friends we sometimes never knew we had.  Is there a prayer you need today?

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  1. God has given me the best friend that he could have for times that are turbulent, my wife Sarah (the author!). She's there to listen to all of my ramblings, incoherent (non-intoxicated...) or not. I praise and thank Him for that.

    I love you, Sarah!


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