Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Galloping Boots

Joey's grandmommy bought him boots for Christmas.  And now, my energetic two-year-old is galloping around the house in his new boots.  Sometimes, he wears them with socks; other times, he wears them mismatched on his feet.  He even gallops barefoot in circles around his boots.  Regardless, Joey's wide smile remains.

Today, we are waiting for an apple pie to finish baking.  The stove's timer beeps it's one-minute alarm.  "It's done," Joey proclaims, peering through the oven window.  "See!  It's done, Mommy!  It's done!"

And although Joey is delighted that the pie is finished baking, he will not even attempt a bite of that ooey-gooey, cinnamon-swirl apple pie with crumb topping.  Alas! Joey greatly dislikes fruits and vegetables.

I should take a lesson from my son.  No, I still plan to eat the pie!  But, perhaps I should show more enthusiasm even when I'm confronted with something I usually consider to be arduous, dismal, or otherwise extremely unpleasant (like scrubbing the toilet or sharing a pie).  I should add a gallop to my daily stride and chase away any threatening rain clouds.

And you, friend?  Can you add some gusto in that task you have to do?  Or, might you paint a happy smile on your face and then feel it soak into your soul, too?

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  1. Very true! There are many things, conversations and otherwise, that I have avoided lately because I am not looking forward to doing/having them.

    But, sometimes I do anticipate things, only to back off at the last moment for one reason or another. perhaps I need to take the courage to go that extra distance and partake of things that I do get excited about, whether or not they are really pleasant in the end.

    Of course, applie pie is ALWAYS pleasant!


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