Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Red Head

A bright red head bobs up, down, and all around the bare-limbed hickory tree at the edge of the woods.  Birds frolick in the purple, wiry vines that have grown below the towering canopies.  One sits upon the round picnic table, weathered to the same tan sported by its hopping friend.  And then, in a quick spurt across the window, they are out of sight.

Where are they going?  To what destination does their current flight fit their fancy?  Where are you headed, friend?

Sometimes my path seems certain.  Plans and goals spread into the horizon like steady stepping stones.  But, no matter how carefully I place those stones, they never seem to stay where I expect them.  It can be frustrating to try so hard only to find that time pushes me out of the sight I thought I knew.  And you, friend?  Are directions changing and you feel helpless to start anew?  Is time too stealthy for your liking?

May hope guide you as life twists along unexpected paths and places seemingly unploddable spots in your way.  Take a look at those bobbing birds and let the joy that comes from knowing with certainty your journey's end buoy your spirit when the current views seem clouded and threatening.

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