Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Purple Sprawl

Purple mountain sprawls.  The intoxicating views of those rolling peaks is as essential to my life as any famous duo.  When I do not have them in view, my concept of direction is completely gone.  When I do not anticipate them around a bend, my eyes rove for their majestic counterpart.

Friend, do you crave something or someone so much that you feel completely lost without such nearby?  Have you ever been without that essential for longer than you would like to be?  Are you struggling with a separation that seems to last an eternity?

Difficulty lures us to focus on what we do not always have.  It can be challenging to see beyond our loss and live in contentment.  How, friend, can we let the beauty of our desires inspire us to traverse the day-to-day trails even when we would prefer to wander in the wilder woods?

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