Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Duck Feet

"They're like duck feet," my three-year-old said as he came into the living room.

Joey's steps sounded oddly soft and flappery against the cherry-wood laminate.  His huge smile was contagious and easily so: for as I slid my eyes to his toes, I could not help but chuckle.  On either foot, Joey had slipped one of his daddy's black leather gloves: each toe appeared elongated like that of a chicken.

"It's funny," Joey declared, with eyes squinched from so much smiling and hands clasped in child-like humility.

I am so glad that laughter and smiles are as easy to catch as hiccups, yawns, and colds.  When you are around someone with whom you are comfortable enough to really be yourself - no fear of judgment or misunderstanding - love's warmth can cheer any mood.

And you, friend?  Has someone else's lovely outlook on life given you ripples of chortles to savor?  Do you bask in love's warmth each day?  If not, let's fill our lives with those special someones that make even the least anticipated chore a grand adventure!

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