Friday, March 4, 2011

Hair Awry

Both boys awoke with hair awry, sun splashing gold dazzles amidst the mobs.  A wet wash-cloth steadied their flares for the most part.  That, and a soft-bristled brush soaked with more water.

Both boys gobbled up breakfast with abandon.  Oozing yellow yolk dribbled down chins and cheerios kissed the floor in showered-song.  Besides sleeping, eating provides one of their only quiet spells during the day.

Both boys are engaged in near-wreckless play.  Pot lids jiggle-dance across the kitchen's cherry floor.  A tonka truck careens in figure eights and circles, nearly colliding with chairs and door jambs.  Grunts and laughs splatter the walls, so that I wonder if I'll still hear them reverberating twenty years from now.

Both boys grow and learn and share.  It's sometimes fun to join in their happy banter; not so fun to encourage careful play with one another.  Please be gentle escapes my lips so often it seems to linger in the air. 

I wonder if both boys, smoothing hair awry years from now, will remember today with smiles on their faces and appreciation for life.  Will they be good friends?  Will they make the world a better place?  Will they live their dreams and hold hope in their hearts?  Such thoughts encourage me to choose wisely now, so that then will benefit.

And you, friend?  What thoughts inspire your life's daily choices?  Does your heart hold hope even when your hair's awry?  How does such hope hold steady despite the varying challenges you face?

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