Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tantalizing Glitter

Once again shadows flicker across the floor and the sun's lightshow splashes glitter across the wall.  Ezra tries to chase it and ends falling with a plop in the middle of the room.  But, though out of reach, those sun shards tantalize my sing-song, smiling boy.  And he laughs.

With each day that passes, I try to clean out the lent trap in my life.  I take a moment and carefully turn each treasure caught within, while shaking the black specks of dirt away so that they don't clog my focus.  And, trust me, my focus is clogged more than I would like it to be!

Friend, do you have times in life (perhaps daily) when the possibilities gleam across the wall in prisms, and instead of chasing them until you're dizzy, you sit and focus on the dark shadows?  Take a hand, and let's laugh together at the beautiful array of hope just waiting for us to grasp.

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